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Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery Service offered by MyCyberSecurity Clinic will address your need for data recovery solutions based on specific cases of data loses. With our extensive experience and expertise in providing data recovery solution and cyber security domain, we will provide the effective and suitable solution to meet your data recovery needs.

Data Recovery

MyCyberSecurity Clinic, a unit under CyberSecurity Malaysia, the national cyber security specialist agency, is a trustworthy and credible entity for secure data handling and recovery.

  • Hard Disk
  • Thumb Drive
  • Memory Card
  • Server

Special Digital Forensic & Corporate Services

CyberSecurity Malaysia provides digital forensic analysis, digital forensic investigations, electronic discovery and related technology services. We offer solutions for organizations from portable triage solutions to large-scale, enterprise-class investigation and incident responses at digital investigations and technology services.

  • Identify
  • Gather
  • Recover
  • Analyze
  • Report

Data Sanitisation Services

Data sanitization service offered by MyCyberSecurity Clinic will address your need for safe and secure deletion of data from storage devices to be retired, upgraded or re-allocated. Data sanitization services provided are based on the type of digital storage device, state of data and the level of data sanitization required i.e. logical sanitization, digital sanitization or analog sanitization.

  • Preliminary Analysis of Storage Device
  • Review report and process Walk through
  • Data Sanitization Processes
  • Post Process Verification

ICT Services

MyCyberSecurity Clinic offers diverse ICT solutions to provide extensive care and safeguards to you and your organization for a complete data and cyber security environment.

Cyber999 Help Centre

Cyber999 is a cyber security response centre, provided by the Malaysia Computer Emergency Response Team or MyCERT, which is a department within CyberSecurity Malaysia. The public can rely on Cyber999 to provide technical assistance and incident handling in resolving incidents in cyberspace such as intrusions into computer systems, seditious or defamatory attacks, online frauds and cyber harassments. Other services under the Cyber999:

  • Cyber early warning (such as issuance of cyber security advisories)
  • Malware research (including developing security tools like DontPhishMe, the anti-phishing add-on for Internet browsers)
  • Technical coordination for national cyber emergencies and coordination of cyber drills at national and international level

Cyber999 Walk-in Incident Reporting Hours: 9am - 4pm

Alternatively, click here to view the Cyber999 reporting channels provided to report incidents.


The CyberCSI Digital Forensics Services include:

  • Analysis and investigation of digital evidence
  • Disk mirroring and secure collection, preservation, analysis and presentation of digital evidence

CyberSecurity Malaysia also assists in Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) in relation to digital forensics upon request from law enforcement agencies, regulatory bodies, and government agencies. CyberSecurity Malaysia’s digital forensics analysts are recognised as ‘Expert Witness’ in digital forensics under the Criminal Procedure Code 399 subsection 3(f). CyberSecurity Malaysia’s digital forensic laboratory is the first forensic laboratory in Malaysia and in the Asia Pacific region that is accredited by the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors Laboratory Accreditation Board (ASCLD/LAB) for ‘Digital & Multimedia Evidence’ discipline, based on ISO/ IEC 17025:2005 and the ASCLD/LAB - International 2011 supplemental requirement specifically for a digital forensics laboratory.

Training and Awareness