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Objectives & Concepts

Our Objectives, Our Concepts

Our objectives and concepts of setting up CyberSecurity Clinics for our valued customers and members are:

  • Provide an avenue for consumers and companies to obtain assistance and to resolve issues in relation to cyber security, cyber safety and data privacy with a trusted service provider at affordable prices.
  • Serve as a rakyat 'touch-point' and demonstrate the government's commitment to the people by meeting their needs.
  • Provide an avenue for building up entrepreneurs and creating jobs through partnership with the industry in running the clinics.
  • Provide a hub for marketing and supporting key CSM services and initiatives including training, outreach, MyCERT etc.


Concept Overview

CyberSecurity Malaysia will work with partners to establish CyberSecurity Clinics throughout Malaysia:

  • The securityclinics will serve as a front-end service center supported by CyberSecurity Malaysia Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur and its Regional Office, which will handle more advanced and specific requests.
  • The securityclinics will operate on a model similar to a 'franchise' where the partners will run and operate the Clinics.
  • Operations at the  Malaysia CyberSecurity Clinic will be based on specific Digital Forensic Department Standars Operating Procedures (SOPs), Policies, Guidelines, operational and legal requirements as set forth by CyberSecurity Malaysia .
  • CyberSecurity Malaysia will also have the right to audit all securityclinic operators and will do so on an ad-hoc as well as periodic basis.