Safe and secure deletion data from storage devices that are to be retired, upgraded or reallocated

CyberSecurity Malaysia handled on average more than 100 cases of data sanitization and recovery per year in the early years of operation of the CyberSecurity Clinic.

The current trend of accelerated technological developments in the digital devices sector is resulting in frequent hardware upgrades and software updates. At the same time with the amount of important data digitized and stored in digital devices has made data security critical to everyone.

With the high rate of hard disk replacement and the attached risk of data recovery from replaced hard disks there is a need for effectively sanitizing the storage devices that are being replaced.

Our Solution:
Data Sanitization Service

Through the Data Sanitization Service offered by CyberSecurity Malaysia, we address your need for safe and secure deletion of data from storage devices that are to be retired, upgraded or reallocated.

With Information Security at the core of our service and our identity as the national cyber security specialist agency we provide an effective and trustworthy data sanitization service.

Customer engagement at multiple steps ensures that your specific needs are met. Services provided are based on the type of the digital storage device, the state of the data and the level of data sanitization required. The levels of data sanitization include Logical Sanitization, Digital Sanitization and Analogue Sanitization.
Key Benefits of Data Recovery
Ensures data security during the hardware upgrade stage by sanitizing the storage devices that are being replaced thus mitigating the risk of data leaks when the replaced drives are reused by other organizations.
Ensures the use of a standard and secure process for the disposal or replacement of digital data storage devices.
Provides an opportunity to safely reuse and recycle the replaced or discarded digital storage devices, thus contributing to the eco-friendly movement.
MyCyberSecurity Clinic is a trustworthy and credible entity for secure data handling and sanitization.
Key Component of Service
Preliminary Analysis of Storage Device – to assess the current state of the storage device and its data and to identify customers’ needs.
Review report and Process Walkthrough – to report findings of the preliminary assessment and to provide a process walkthrough to the customer to ensure clarity and positive engagement.
Data Sanitization Process Execution – To follow the standard sanitization procedures based on the current state and the customer needs.
Post Process Verification – To execute verification processes after the data sanitization to ensure success of process and to maintain quality control.

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MyCyberSecurity Clinic is the trusted partner for assuring control through proven services, people and technology that recover, analyze and manage information and is a trustworthy and credible entityfor secure data handling and recovery.


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