A solution to recover data from damaged, failed, corrupted or inaccessible digital storage media

Data loss situations can occur due to several types of physical or logical damage to the media and the extent of the damage also defines the extent of data loss. Due to the complexity of a data loss situation and the criticality of the data, there is a need for a secure and structured approach to address the data recovery needs of a customer.

Our Solution:
Data Recovery Service

Through the Data Recovery Service offered by CyberSecurity Malaysia, we address your need for effective data recovery solutions based on specific cases of data loss.

Our structured and standard approach provides an initial estimate of the potential for data recovery and the cost of this process, thus allowing the customer to select a solution that best suits their needs. With data security and confidentiality at the core of our service and based on the credibility of CyberSecurity Malaysia, you can rest assured that your data will be handled in a safe, secure and confidential manner.

We Can Help In Any of The Following Situations

  • Unable to boot
  • Inaccessible drives or partitions
  • Fire and water damage
  • Drive damage due to power issues
  • Head stack failures; clicking hard drives
  • Accidental format / deletion of data
  • RAID failures, Filed arrays, RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5
Key Benefits of Data Recovery
Standard and secure processes for assessing the damaged digital storage media and recovering data based on type of damage.
Provides an estimate of potential recovery of data and the cost of the process thus allowing the customer to make an informed decision.
The assessment report detailing the cause of the damage to the media will help in planning and mitigating such situations in the future.
CyberSecurity Malaysia, the national cyber security specialist agency, is a trustworthy and credible entity for secure data handling and recovery.
Key Component of Service
Evaluate the media and assess the extent of the damage and potential for data recovery.
Estimate the amount of work required and the extent of data recovery possible to provide an overall cost estimate.
Identify and mirror accessible data to ensure safety of existing data and an option to re-access data if needed.
Identify and repair any electrical or physical damage that may be preventing the media from accessing the data.
Restore the recovered data onto the customer’s media of choice.
Data security and confidentiality is a core component of the service and is emphasized at each step of the process.

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MyCyberSecurity Clinic is the trusted partner for assuring control through proven services, people and technology that recover, analyze and manage information and is a trustworthy and credible entityfor secure data handling and recovery.


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